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Cloud Energy Sofware offer a range of integrated applications which have been developed to solve even the most challenging energy management difficulties. Each application has a separate and particular job but when combined with respective applications the posisibilies are endless. That is before considering the possibilities that here at Cloud Energy Software we are able to develop original applications at a competitive price to satisfy particular customer needs.

Project Management

This function enables the user to link consumption on various meters to a project and provides project management functions to identify the impact the project has had on any energy reduction.

Document Management

Documents are contained in a library and can be listed, searched, printed, added and deleted. This feature is also used by other applications in the solution such as CRC and Internal audits.

Water Management

This application summarises all the water and waste related data held in the system to provide a specific view that enables the management of a water installation.


This function manages all the data relating to a meter including readings, consumption, Co2 and cost for use by other applications in the system. Many types of meter are held including non-energy e.g production, temperature and occupancy.

Access Control

This feature ensures that all users have the credentials to log into the solution. It also controls which part of the solution they can access.

Internal Audit

The internal audit application gives the user the ability to undertake a self-defined internal audit typically to address a compliance requirement such as CRC.

Solar Management

This application summarises all the solar related data held in the system to provide a specific solar related display enabling the management of a solar installation.


The Alarm feature enables the user to compare a meter’s profile consumption and highlights any variance against a set of rules. Notifications are sent by email.

Custom Branding

This enables the user to provide “own brand” capability giving them company banners on ther reports and data visualistation screens. They can also configure the colour scheme used by the software.


The scheduling feature allows the user to define time based rules that cn be used to trigger reports and processes required by certain applications.

Report Management

This feature allows the user to design and run reports. Reports are designed using an Excel template and data automatically populates the template to provide both tabular and graphical reports. A scheduling feature enables reports to be automatically sent by email.

Bill Validation

This function, which is process driven allows a user to validate the accuracy of their invoices using consumptions and cost information. It also includes a tenant billing feature.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Enables the manufacturer of Internet connected sensors to capture the data on those devices to the Cloud where the data can be processed by a Cloud Energy White Labelled Solution.


This function allows a user to produce their CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme submission. It also includes an internal audit feature.

Mobile Applications

This application supports the reading of a meter to be collected and uploaded to the system via a mobile phone. It can operate in “on line” or “off line” mode.

System Integration

The Cloud Energy Software Framework has a number of software components to support the integration with other systems. This includes web services, API’s, SQL push, SQL pull and multiple data transfer options.

Monitoring And Targeting

This appalication uses data recorded on meters which can be delivered back to the client through reports and visualisation to enable the monitoring of performance highlighting exceptions and identifying targets for reduction.

Asset Management

The solution supports a flexible structure for holding assets, usually buildings, giving a number of layers within a hierarchy. Access can be at Enterprise, Client or Group down to Asset level.

Lite Interface

The Lite Interface presents a user with an interactive graphical view of their data often with a drill down capability. Most of our partners ask for their own design.


This feature allows users to update data tables within the solution by using excel or CSV file templates. Data that fails validation is listed on a rejections report.

Data Capture

Data capture from many different sources is the core competence of the Cloud Energy Software Solution. Multiple technologies are used wherever possible to automate the data collection.


This feature allows the management of various data sets required by applications. They include
Static Variables, Operating Schedules, Energy Drivers, Regional Settings and Units.


The dashboard function, which has no user intervention, provides a display normally on a TV screen, that visualizes the data. There are multiple page options where non-data content can be added by the client.