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Organisations often need to process large volumes of data. The introduction of smart meters simply increases this need. All sectors of the wider utility market, utility companies, energy service companies, equipment manufacturers and their distributors, properties and facilities companies and the rapidly growing IOT sector all have this need in common.

The ability to manage this data and manage it through the use of applications in the cloud, this is what lies at the core of the Cloud Energy Software Framework producing white label solutions for all these market sectors.


Utility Companies

In an increasingly de-regulated market, Water Companies, Electricity Providers, Gas Providers and Companies in the Renewable Energy Sector need to add value to their offer to the market. The Cloud Energy White Label offer provides a cost effective solution through the delivery of applications via an end user portal. The introduction of smart meters with the resulting interval data makes possible innovative user focused applications not previously available. Cloud Energy can implement such solutions in an agile and cost effective way. The component based nature of the Cloud Energy Software Framework means such applications can be developed at relatively low cost and quickly deployed to users.

Energy Service Companies

Typically Energy Service User Companies have clients with large volumes of data to process. The Cloud Energy White Label Solution manages that data effectively providing the application support needed to work efficiently. Applications include bill validation, monitoring and targeting, compliance such as CRC and ESOS and dashboards to help visualise their data. Increasingly the service provider needs to differentiate their offer to their clients. This can be provided through a client portal designed specifically for each individual client to add value to the service provided.

Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors

The Cloud Energy White Label Solution adds value to equipment manufacturers and distributors with its ability to process large volumes of data from these devices and delivering it through the cloud to the user in the format desired. Within its software framework, Cloud Energy has an automated configuration feature giving the supplier a competitive edge, particularly in a trial situation. Its wide range of ready made user-focussed applications also creates an opportunity for ongoing service revenue for organisations further down the supply chain.

Property and Facility Managers

There is a trend in the market to integrate energy within property and facilities functions particularly in larger buildings. The design of the Cloud Energy Software Framework with its support for systems integration within its components; delivers the energy applications seamlessly. By opening an I-frame within the property and facilities software applications the Cloud Energy features including graphical visualisation of energy data can be delivered through the cloud with minimal investment in the existing property and facilities solutions.

Internet of Things

IOT manufacturers provide large scale device based solutions. The Cloud Energy software framework supplies the software support to quickly and cost effectively use data from these devices and deliver the end user applications that provide value to the end user.
Speed to market is essential Cloud Energy’s software partnership with its ready made applications provides a responsive and cost effective approach.