Responding to evolving customer behaviour, rapid growth and acquisition of third-party platforms, Corona Energy required a new client portal to serve both their corporate and SME customer base.

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Corona Energy is a leading independent gas and electricity supplier with over 20 years’ experience servicing UK businesses. They currently supply 14% of the entire industrial and commercial gas market with around 13,000 customers across both gas and electricity and have over 85,000 meters. 

The rapid expansion through success of their products and strategic acquisitions created the need for a brand-new client portal to serve both their corporate and SME customer base. Having scouted the market, Corona selected CES as their software partner for the task.

This was an extremely challenging project requiring integration with several products from other suppliers, with delivery required under tight timescales and the legacy system still ‘in flight’.


With 13,000 users that have come to expect the highest quality from a Corona offering, we had to get this right. Therefore, in line with our normal approach, we wanted to provide the best possible recommendations and invested heavily in as much contact time as possible to know our client. 

Letting the deep knowledge of the client guide the technology, we designed and tested how each user journey unfolded from one screen to the next in an effortless way. Our engineers utilised a multi-layer service architecture to fine tune the system for optimisation. This was critical to deliver a smooth user experience whilst working with such large quantities of data. Additionally, asynchronous loading allowed parts of a page can load quickly so users can start interacting whilst heavier data items came online. Other technical examples include using multiple data stores from standard relational databases, time-series and selectively caching at different levels in the software to provide an enhanced user experience.

Bespoke gateways were created to interface with other systems that worked in completely different ways with build in failsafe so that any anomalies are contained and do not affect the use of the rest of the portal. We applied our extensive data management experience to build custom APIs to work with the various data sources in readiness for third party integration.

With the phase one complete and the second in full flow, watch this space for the portal going live soon.


The result is a beautifully crafted portal that uses a minimal approach with a silky-smooth interface that provides significant performance gains over the previous system.

This has not only transformed the end-customer experience, improving retention, but has greatly improved sales management and reporting efficiency across the business, driving growth.

  • Modern and responsive user portal
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Multiple user journeys catering for different groups
  • Detailed audit logging
  • Integration between many business systems
  • Optimised performance over the entire code stack
  • Robust and scalable design
  • Fully automated deployment
  • Detailed audit logging

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