Having outgrown their existing platform, Puredrive Energy required a new infrastructure, including mobile applications, to complement their growing service offering and delivering the best possible experience to end-customers and corporate partners.

Services & Applications

  • Technical Consultancy

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • Database Design & Development

  • API Development

  • Interface Design

  • Mobile App Design & Build

  • Project Management


Puredrive is one of the UK’s most innovative home battery storage manufacturers. Through cutting-edge technology, their product enables homeowners to minimise use of imported grid energy by maximising use of renewables and reducing cost.

They also work with some of the largest energy providers in the UK energy market, each relying on accurate and insightful data to understand their customers and deliver the right levels of supply in response.

A new line of hardware products required new supporting infrastructure. On top of this were also ambitious plans for a modern mobile application that would allow customers to visualise and control every aspect of their battery storage device. Separate from the needs of end users, Pure Drive also needed features to satisfy their corporate partners for analysing consumption trends & behaviours.


Utilising our cloud platform, data visualisation and software innovation experience, we worked consultatively with Puredrive’s management team to explore a wide range of technical choices, assessing every possibility for performance improvement and presenting a business case for each. 

Our final strategy was to develop a cloud-based solution powered by a service architecture on Microsoft Azure providing scalable and robust platform to seamlessly capture battery registrations and customer data within GDPR guidelines. Sets of APIs serviced the needs of the mobile applications and allow commercial partners to interact with individual installations in real time. New devices self-register and stream data from the moment they are live giving installers the best turnaround times.

Complementing this is a beautifully designed, feature-rich app, for both iOS and Android built using React Native. Designed with end user ergonomics in mind, even advanced functions can be operated single handed with a single tap or swipe. The cross-platform approach in this case allowed our client to retain first mover advantage and clear the backlog of pre-orders.


Using our mobile app, data collection and visualisation expertise, we have created a new, fully bespoke system that will support Pure Drive products for many years to come.

The entire experience is now a polished journey from start-to-finish and one that has transformed the homeowner user experience. In addition, our solution has delivered new levels of insight and information back to the business and their corporate partners, enabling future growth. Following the success of this initial project, we continue to work in partnership with one of the most exciting new technologies on the market today.


  • Robust and scalable cloud application
  • High performance feature rich mobile app
  • Faster, informative and accurate data visualisation
  • Individual real time device health status
  • Tracked visibility of consumption trends and behaviours adherence
  • GDPR Compliance

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