Warburtons required a single energy management strategy, as well as the right combination of software and processes to deliver it across their business. We developed a platform precisely suited to their needs.

Services & Applications

  • Energy Asset Management

  • Data & Systems Integration

  • Monitoring and Targeting

  • Digital Dashboards

  • Custom Reporting

  • Project Management


Warburtons is the second biggest grocery brand in the UK. Employing over 4,500 employees in 12 different bakeries and 13 depots across the nation, they produce over two million bakery products each day.

As with any manufacturing company the rising cost of energy is an identified risk. Furthermore, the company is committed to minimising the impact of their business on the environment and helping to alleviate climate change. Ensuring truly effective and accurate, energy consumption management and analysis is therefore essential.

Recognising this, Warburtons required a single energy management strategy and the necessary software and processes to deliver it. One that would enable a clear understanding of energy consumption at a sub-factory level, provide clear and accurate reporting across the entire business, as well as compliance reporting at board level.


Our main objective was to enable accurate consumption recording from every site (over 800 sub meters across 12 factories), leading to better overall analysis and reporting.

To achieve this, we provided extensive live sub metering data collection (installed by a 3rd party), fiscal invoice and AMR collection from suppliers and developed custom reports for financial, compliance and engineering purposes. The systems ESOS Module allowed for ease of reporting with a dashboard view of the organisation.

Evolving our proprietary EMS to work perfectly for Warburtons meant integration with their own SAP system, enabling production to be tracked in the same timeframe and boundary as energy. Ensuring this has enabled reporting to both management and operational staff with meaningful representation.


Working closely with Warburton’s IT, Process Improvement and Procurement Stakeholders, we have delivered a tailored platform precisely suited to their needs.

Bringing the organisation together with a single strategy and process such as this, enables a focus on continual improvement that delivers manufacturing excellence:


  • Structured energy data on demand
  • Visibility and measurement of manufacturing projects
  • Increased stakeholder engagement throughout the company
  • Reduction of risk from carbon compliance (CCA)

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