Aditi Gopale

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Aditi started her journey as the only tester in CES but, having been heavily involved in defining & implementing the Testing Process for the organisation, has now established our testing team from the ground up.



Unsurprisingly, Aditi is therefore passionate about testing, her maximum aim being to find all bugs across any software we are responsible for, ensuring we’re able to deliver the best quality output for every client. Thinking outside of the box and beyond the specification requirements is her skill.



  • Aditi holds a bachelors degree in IT
  • Winner of the ‘Best Recruit Award’ at Wipro, India’s 10th largest employer
  • 8 years’ experience as a tester

Favourite Project

Puredrive Energy is one of the UK’s most innovative home battery storage manufacturers. Using cutting-edge tech, their products enable homeowners to minimise use of imported grid energy, by maximising use of renewable energy stored in the home battery, reducing cost and emissions.

Having outgrown their existing platform, Puredrive required a new infrastructure, including a cloud-based mobile app, to complement their growing service offer, deliver a better experience to their customers and manage data more efficiently.

Developed in phases from the beginning, the solution has required rigorous, continued testing, all of which has been led by Aditi and her team. This has included API testing, responsiveness testing, Android testing and Web App testing. Now one of the best products of its kind on the market, the project owes its success to Aditi and her testing capabilities.

Throughout this process, Aditi and her team identified critical functional bugs as a result of diligent testing. They also covered edge case testing to ensure the product would perform as expected even in uncommon situations. With the product designed to work across Android and Web, responsive testing was extremely important to ensure the product was usable across a plethora of devices and this was done through using a mix of targeted devices and simulation tools. Now one of the best products of its kind on the market, the project owes much of its success to Aditi and her testing capabilities.


  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Quality Control
  • Defect Management
  • Critical Thinking