Santosh Vishwakarma 

Senior Software Developer 



Detail orientated and highly adaptable, Santosh has over 8 years’ experience as a software developer and specialises in building web and android applications. One of his main responsibilities within the Cloud Energy Software Mumbai team is to deploy his rich, full stack skillset and build user-friendly and responsive web and mobile applications. 



Santosh is adept at grasping new technologies quickly. As well as ensuring the business is able to build cutting edge applications across multiple platforms like .NET, Node.js, Angular, Java, his appetite for finding out about and understanding new technologies ensures our clients always remain ahead of the curve in their respective industry.  



  • Santosh C#, Java
  • Javascript
  • MSSQL / MySQL / Influx Time Series Database
  • Android SDK

Favourite Project

Of the many challenging projects that Santosh has completed, the Trading Platform project that we recently delivered for Inspired Energy plc is a clear favourite because of the complex cascading problems that had to be resolved.

The Trading Platform is an Energy Trading Application for UK Energy Market which is used for energy procurement at best rates through well-defined procurement objectives and risk management strategy. Refactoring the legacy code without a complete rewrite comes with its own challenges. On the trading platform, the goal was to improve its performance, reliability and user experience and Santosh helped us to achieve this by improving the performance of real time trading data through more effective use of caching techniques, SignalR, Redis and Azure NServiceBus.

Furthermore, to provide users with a hassle-free experience and avoid them having to log in to web and desktop applications separately, multi-platform integration was implemented through webhook. And, to support multiple devices, responsive web design approach was utilized through Bootstrap, Telerik and Kendo responsive framework.