Saurabh Harwande

Technical Architect



With over 9 years’ experience, Saurabh is a versatile software architect, proficient at designing high-performance, scalable and cost-effective software systems. His expertise lies in communicating software vision to development teams and leading by example to deliver projects on time.



Saurabh loves exploring new technologies and understanding how they can be used in products for our clients, improving new and existing systems. He excels on any project that is seeking to create something new or push the technical boundaries.



  • Saurabh holds a bachelor’s in computer science
  • Trained as a software engineers under the international TATA group
  • 9 years’ experience as a software engineer and solutions architect

Favourite Project

Digital Energy – Cloud-based energy platform that he helped to design from the ground up, using Microservices architecture. 

One of the main benefits that our clients see from Saurabh’s approach and skills is that of consistently reliable, feature rich and future-proof software, delivered at pace.

For example, Digitalenergy is one of the first completely cloud-based energy platforms, created with over £1M in venture capital backing and used by a variety of clients including NHS, Siemens, Warburtons and Denbighshire Council.

The product has an extensive number of features from compliance to consumption analysis and, to work successfully, it must acquire data from numerous sources including third-party APIs and hardware devices such as metering.

To support the development of Digitalenergy, Saurabh designed the real time status and alerts solution that shows the system health, based on Microservices architecture and utilising a message queuing system. His approach and input has helped to achieve higher performance, increased reliability and decoupling within the system, helping to make Digitalenergy one of the best products of it’s kind available.



HTML 5, JS, CSS 3, Angular, Vue, Webpack, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS

Dotnet Core, ASP.NET, C#, F#, Java, Rust, Node

MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Kafka, Influx, Elasticsearch, Redis, Graylag, Arango

xUnit, NUnit, TestNG, Selenium

Dev Ops:
AWS, Azure, Docker, Jenkins

Linux Shell, Python, PowerShell 16