Evo is digitally transforming the property management sector for tenants and landlords: speeding up issue resolution by connecting renters with skilled tradespeople at the point they are reported.

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Having secured €1.18 million to develop its offer, Evo had invested in a simple website during its initial pre-trading operation, highlighting basic information about the service.

But as the PropTech start-up geared up for a public launch, Evo required a new digital presence that would truly manifest its positioning as the definitive property management solution for Gen Z consumers.


We built a fully responsive front-end website powered by a customised content management system. Our core objective was to align Evo’s online presence with that of other digital-first brands today’s consumers engage with throughout their daily lives.

And so, to underpin the site with a modern feel, we guided them on brand language at every stage of our site development work, managing designers and illustrators to enhance the site’s visuals and build a deeper connection with Evo’s target audiences.


We’ve used our own experience in promoting software solutions to guide the team throughout the process as they launched Evo to the marketplace.

As a result, the start-up now has a bright, responsive website that clearly articulates the features and benefits of its transformative digital solution, delivered through a visual aesthetic that will resonate with landlords and tenants alike.


“In working with Cloud Energy, we found a partner that completely understood our needs, having themselves built and marketed their own digital products and services. They took time to build an in-depth knowledge of our target users and created a brilliant, slick website that aligns with our Gen Z positioning perfectly.”

Steve, Evo. 


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