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Utility management applications assembled or created to satisfy your particular requirements.

Cloud Energy Software produce white label solutions from 25+ applications that form the Cloud Energy framework. Each application provides separate functions that integrate fully with other applications to provide robust secure and scalable White Label solutions for our software partners.

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Our software partners tend to be:

All sectors of the wider utility market, utility companies, energy service companies, equipment manufacturers and their distributors, properties and facilities companies and the rapidly growing IOT sector.

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Energy Service CompaniesUtility Companies
Meter and Device IndustryProperty and Facility ManagersInternet of Things


Cloud Energy Software offer a range of integrated applications which have been developed to solve even the most challenging energy management difficulties. Each application has a separate and particular job but when combined with respective applications the possibilities are endless. That is before considering the possibilities that here at Cloud Energy Software we are able to develop original applications at a competitive price to satisfy particular customer needs.


Cloud Energy Software offers many benefits based on our ability to be flexible and innovative in delivering solutions that meet and exceed your energy and utility management vision.

Reduced Investment

Our starting point is a comprehensive software framework that includes 25 + robust, scaleable and secure energy and utility related applications. There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

White Labelled Software

Applications from our software framework designed to fully meet the requirements of your business with your own brand “look and feel”

Low cost development for your specific needs

Utilising our in house off shore development team we can ensure quality development at low cost.

Matches your revenue model

Our solution is provided through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model relating to the number of devices under management. This reduces the early stage investment.