Cloud Energy is a specialist software agency for business & industry. We work with the UK's largest energy providers, manufacturers and local authorities. Find out morearrow_forward Slide We offer a range of integrated applications and SaaS solutions. We can solve your most challenging data capture, analytics and reporting needs. Find out more arrow_forward We have 65 team members across our UK & India offices. Positioned to support long-term strategic partnerships and single development projects. Join our teamarrow_forward

Software to drive commercial growth

We have over twenty years experience developing digital products, software and data solutions for energy, manufacturing and local authority partners – unlocking insight, improving experiences and driving growth.

Our expertise lies in creating applications and processes to capture, integrate and visualise data. This means that, whether it’s big data collection from thousands of devices, showing savings on beautiful dashboards, or developing software to power new tech, we bring data, technology and process together to meet your most important business goals.

Our Services

We offer a range of integrated applications and SaaS Solutions, developed to solve your most challenging data capture, analytics and reporting needs.

Slide Customer Portals We understand that when a user visits your portal; it’s vital they can find the information they need easily, and enjoy doing so.

We deliver beautifully crafted, fully responsive portals to ensure this happens every time. Whether you require an entirely new system, integration with new products or partner businesses, or better mobile optimisation, we can help.
IOT Data Collection & Visualisation If you want to find new ways to collect and use data more effectively, we can provide the answers.

Drawing on over a decade of experience in managing vast amounts of energy data, we understand precisely how to collect, store and visualise it in the most powerful ways. This enables you to inform and improve your data driven business decisions, every minute of each day.
Remastering Over time, every business outgrows its software and, despite this being difficult to live with and operate, it can be a complex situation to overcome.

We help customers escape from this situation easily, delicately replacing creaking software with new technology and incorporating new tools and features to aid business growth. As well as ensuring business continuity, this means you can focus more easily on customer service and growth.
Mobile Development Ensuring applications work seamlessly across mobile is critical in today’s fast-moving, hyper-connected commercial world.

We build powerful data driven applications behind slick interfaces that are always comfortable in the hand and work across all major mobile platforms. This means your services will always be available to users as the need them, improving their experience and the reputation of your brand.
Slide Bespoke Software Having the right software in place to deliver critical functionality is a unique requirement for every business.

If you have a vision for a software product or service that will delight your customers and support your business partners we can create it. Taking a consultative approach, our software engineers will work hard to understand what you want to achieve and guide you through the process from technical consultancy through to integration and delivery.

Slide Development Teams Software teams tailored to meet your needs. Managed development
Team augmentation
Dedicated engineers
We understand that in-house development teams can get backlogged with day-to-day demands. We also know how difficult it can be sometimes to find the right talent, in line with shifting or complex project needs. At CES, we have access to some of the best software talent in the world and so, building out from our Mumbai based hub of over 65 analysts, designers, project managers, developers and test engineers, we can build and deploy specialist teams tailored to suit your needs - whatever the project, the technology or current operational set-up. Furthermore, as well as providing the right people, we’re also able to take ownership of every aspect of Human Resources - from recruitment, payroll and training, to planning, project management and delivery.

Working in partnership with us in this way means you get to experience the highest levels of service from the UK, whilst enjoying the benefits of a skilled and cost-effective workforce that can be scaled to meet demand. It’s an approach that doesn’t just save you time and money, but reduces delays in delivery, ensuring your business is always able to innovate and service its staff and customers in the best possible ways.

Our Clients

Our People

Slide We have over 65 team members across our UK and India offices.

Positioned to manage both long-term strategic partnerships and single development projects, our teams work together seamlessly.
Manchester – UK Our UK team brings vast commercial and technical experience together to drive the planning and project management side of our business.

The primary role of our Manchester team is to guide you from the point of brilliant ‘idea’ to commercial reality, demonstrating new possibilities, ensuring you get the most value by delivering the solutions you that really work.

Slide Mumbai – India We have over 40 highly-skilled, full-time developers and testers, expert in delivering against all aspects of data and technical objectives, no matter how complex.

The Mumbai team is the ‘engine room’ that ensures every project is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest possible specification, whether that’s a single piece of software or an ongoing, dedicated team resource.