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  • Aditi Gopale

    Aditi started her journey as the only tester in CES but, having been heavily involved in defining & implementing the Testing Process for the organisation, has now established our testing team from the ground up.

  • Providing the best in global software talent to the Energy Industry

    Building software teams with the best in global talent

    We’re often asked to help build and deploy specialist software teams in response to our client’s varying operational needs. One such business is Inspired Plc.

  • Reduce corporate energy costs: take control of your consumption.

    Having received £1m+ in venture capital backing to support its development, Digitalenergy was delivered to the market in 2015, as one the first completely cloud-based energy platforms available.

  • Saurabh Harwande

    With over 9 years’ experience, Saurabh is a highly versatile software architect, proficient at designing high performance, scalable and cost-effective software systems.