Puredrive Energy

Delivering a cloud-based infrastructure and consumer app.

Puredrive required a new infrastructure to manage every aspect of customer and device data, delivering the best possible experience to the end-customer and their corporate partners.


Puredrive is one of the UK’s leading home battery system manufacturers. Through the deployment of cutting-edge technology and software, their hardware enables homeowners to keep imported grid energy usage to a minimum while maximising their renewable energy consumption.

Puredrive work with some of the largest energy providers in the UK energy market, each relying on accurate and insightful data to understand their customers and deliver value in return. Meanwhile, Puredrive’s end-customers; tech-savvy and eco-minded homeowners, need clear and structured information on demand, enabling them to manage their energy consumption easily.

Having outgrown their existing solution, Puredrive therefore required a new cloud-based, database solution and App to manage every aspect of customer and device data. One that would deliver the best possible user-experience to the end-customer as well as the ‘stickiness’, through insight and visibility, required by their corporate partners.

The Solution

Although a simple idea in principal, commercial practicality was critical to success. We therefore worked consultatively to guide Puredrive Energy’s management team in terms of the range of technical choices available, and what they could deliver in value.

This concluded with us developing a cloud-based platform that seamlessly captures battery registrations and customer data within GDPR guidelines, as well as a beautifully designed app that provides every possible analytical requirement the eco-homeowner ever require. Feature rich, with functionality such as remote ‘full battery discharge’, the app is a market-first offer.


Chosen for our cloud platform expertise, data visualisation and software innovation skills, we have developed a cloud-based infrastructure and App for Puredrive that has transformed the homeowner user experience.

In addition, this solution has delivered new levels of insight and information back to the business and their corporate partners by providing:

  • Faster, accurate data visualisation
  • Effective file sharing tools
  • Tracked visibility of consumption trends and behaviours
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Energy management legislative adherence

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